LESA’s mission is to deliver the most sophisticated, technologically superior, performance-enhancing foam equine products available today.




LESA’s Saddle Pads are constructed of the highest-quality foam materials.  A custom-molded procedure developed by experts with centuries of combined experience, a highly durable, tear-resistant, coated surface and a custom-blended material selection process make LESA’s products the most technologically sophisticated.  Unlike most other foam-based equine products that are cut from low-quality sheets of foam, LESA’s custom-blended proprietary materials do not need to be encased in fabric or sheepskin to keep them from shredding, wrinkling, pinching and wearing.



LESA cares about its customers—particularly the four-legged variety.  We have invested in state-of-the-art digital thermography to ensure that LESA’s designs offer uniform distribution of impact forces—i.e. our pads won’t create pinch points and hot spots.  LESA also regularly consults with equine veterinarians and performs studies to confirm that its pads offer therapeutic, shock-absorbing benefits to enhance performance.

We have invested in dynamic fatigue testing, conducted by an independent third party.  Results are spectacular and unparalleled in the industry.  After 20,000 tests, which involved rolling and pounding forces exerted upon the pads, the firmness of LESA’s pads was not compromised by even 1%.  In other words, our pads maintained 100% firmness integrity.  Why is this significant?  Impact cannot be absorbed properly or uniformly when the shock-absorbing material breaks down, shifts or compresses.  This happens routinely with other products that use sheet foam, memory foam and gel.  Eventually, pinch points will develop, forces will become concentrated in low-density areas or areas where the pad material has shifted or compressed.  With LESA, customers can rest assured that their pads will maintain uniform impact protection and firmness!  



LESA is the only supplier of foam saddle pads to offer customizable color options and the ability to manufacture short runs of “special edition” pads to support accomplished riders, organizations and important causes.  With LESA, you can be unique.  Build your own brand!*   Click here to see LESA’s color chart.  



LESA was founded by riders, equine professionals and foam industry experts.  We know that results are only realized through hard work, motivation and discipline.  LESA wants to be the best, just like you.  We practice, research, consult and invest until our products are perfected.  

With 30 horses in training, I have to be on top of all trends and solutions out there for my clients and their horses. I came across the LESA product line. Their products are top notch, made of the best materials, and only work in a positive manner. The riser pad, made of unique rebound foam adapts quickly and accurately to any saddle we’ve put it under. The wither relief pad does it’s job so effectively without changing saddle fit at all. Needless to say all of us at Acorn Farm are so pleased with this line of pads. We plan to keep them in the barn for a long time to come.
— Nathalie Cooper, Professional Hunter/Jumper Rider and Trainer (Acorn Farm, CA) - Pictured above.